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Running water can play a strong part in any garden design providing a place for contemplation and an oasis for wildlife. It also acts as a stimulus to the senses and brings the whole garden scene to life.

As parents of young children we were concerned about the safety of children around water. With this in mind we decided on a pebble pool. Unfortunately the ones on the market weren’t what we were looking for, they either lacked strength or didn’t hold enough water which resulted in the feature running dry.

The larger reservoirs needed bricks or tubes to support the various types and weights of feature. It all looked unnecessarily complicated.

Subsequently we have designed and manufactured our own pebble pool reservoir.

The current culture for ‘designer’ outside space requires versatility and ease of application, the ‘Finia’™ was built to fit the bill.

Matching the water feature trend step for step, size and structure has had to accommodate the increasingly popular large granite, and stoneware, structures now available and in use in both indoor and outdoor designs.

Careful research has proved to be the key to increasing UK and International success and recent growth in the Australasian market and continual expansion across Europe including both Northern and Southern Ireland supports this.

The three sizes of ‘Finia’ available are 650, 1000 & 1800, the largest of which has been F.E.A tested to carry 1 tonne in weight and with these reservoirs removal of the feature to get at the pump is unnecessary as all sizes have direct access. Due to the weight that they carry all of the ’Finia’™ are now three piece units, having a special access hatch in the top.

For the ‘in ground’ reservoir a sandy or loose soil structure is no problem, a reusable mould is available to create a concrete ‘seat’, so that the ‘Finia’™ sits securely in place.

With the immense weight that the ‘Finia’™ will take stability has been a major factor in design. A rigid structure that holds a large amount of water but is light to work with, can be buried in the ground or placed on the surface would seem a lot to ask, this though is exactly what the product offers, the largest of which weighs only 45 kilos but holds 420 litres of water and measures 1800mm in diameter x 350mm in depth.

Endorsement for this product comes both from use by most of the granite and stoneware water feature manufactures and by personal statement as here from Paul Downer director of BALI and also director of Acer Landscapes who quotes:

" The 'FINIA'™ is the most useful and easy to install water feature reservoir I have ever used, It’s use with heavy features is unrivalled and the many extra benefits put it in a league of it’s own"

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