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Patio vegetable gardening is now a reality
At last, a support system that actually works

Ever keen to fill a gap in the market we at Room For A View Ltd saw a missing link within the industry. For both the commercial grower and the individual at home vegetable gardening needed support.

For tomatoes, cucumbers and many other climbing plants you need canes. If you also want the convenience of a growing bag then support becomes a problem. Wobbly canes in a grow bag don’t work. So we have produced the TomTray.

At a whopping 126cm long x 50cm wide and 9cm deep, it’s the bees knees when it comes to supporting your prize plants. This climber friendly tray has turrets positioned in the base to keep canes rigid, no more drooping and sagging, no more tying string to the plants and hoisting them to the greenhouse ridges. Grow outside or in.

It couldn’t be easier to get started.

  • Just fluff up the bag of growing medium, anything up to a very large 80 litres.
  • Drop onto the top of the turrets which have chamfered ends to pierce the plastic.
  • Push down to position into the tray

That’s all there is to it. You can adapt it to suit your needs, put gravel in the bottom for extra drainage, even place pot plants in it if your growing bags are slightly smaller.

And with it’s unrivalled durability using 4mm thick recycled plastic you don’t have to replace the tray each year.

It really works, we’ve tested it ourselves. Contact us for prices and bulk buy deals.


(c) Copyright 2004 Scott Conway. All rights reserved.