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We ditched GAFA in favour of GLEE !

To those of you who expected to see us at GAFA, sorry. It wasnít a decision that we took lightly but one that did need taking. We have many irons in the fire at the moment, (see news about our chilli sauce), and canít be everywhere. Honing our operations to peek performance often means cutting out superfluous ventures, this was one of them. Weighing up the cost against return we feel that we made the right choice, but never ones to close doors forever, this doesnít necessarily mean that we wonít go again. Time will tell, youíll read it here first in any case so stay tuned in. All dates and venues for future ventures will appear on this website, but please do telephone us if you need other information.
The RFAV team

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Curb the chill with chilli !
We ditched GAFA in favour of GLEE !
Glee 2004 - Hall 4 stand J4

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