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Installing a large water feature using the Finia 1000

Choosing the right place to site your Finia water feature container is important, think about the backdrop, do you need space behind it to put pot plants?

Adding Low voltage lights can also produce a spectacular effect at night.

Make sure the hole is level and at the right depth can save a lot of time putting the Finia in and out of the hole.
If the total weight of the feature exceeds 150kg, think about soil structure, will it subside over time? If you think it will add a suitable concrete base, this will save you having to re-level at a future date.
After smoothing out the concrete put the Finia in and make sure it is level before the cement sets.
After the concrete has set, back fill around the Finia base with soil. If the feature is over 250kg soil can be pushed into the 'fins' for additional support. For really heavy features see the Finia Moulds section for 'concreting fins'.
The Finia fins for additional support being made of 100% recycled MDPE are flexible and can be lifted to gain access to the pump for maintenance.
When the lid is in place your chosen feature can be assembled on top. After positioning your chosen water feature turn on the pump and check the height of the water, if it too high the water will splash outside the Finia and the pump will run dry quickly.
Make sure all electrical cables are adequately protected, connections are water proof and the whole electrical installation is safe. If in doubt consult a qualified electrician. Plant round the back of the feature and add decorative stones to to hide the remainder of the Finia.

Pictures reproduced with the kind permission of David Bevan. From May/June 2002 edition of Water Gardener Magazine

(c) Copyright 2004 Scott Conway. All rights reserved.